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Welcome to confusing conversations

  • Confusing Conversations is the online glossary for fundamental terms of citizenship education in German and English language. To participate in the project, at first you have to register as a user. Do so by sending an e-mail to the following address:
  • Is this your first time on this page? Do you have any questions concerning the editing of discussion pages? Or do you want to submit a new article or keyword? Answers to these questions and more information you can find under help.

The idea behind Confusing Conversations

  • These days, the discourse on the theory and practical experience of citizenship education is not limited to national borders anymore. Exchange with institutions from other European countries generates new ideas and potential for cooperation. Besides, it is an indispensable precondition for the development of a “European Citizenship.“ The transnational discourse is affected by language and translation problems. What is meant by citizenship education in Germany, England or Poland? Which term refers most to the connected concept in a foreign language?
  • Overcoming these linguistic difficulties – this is what Confusing Conversations aims at. Therefore, the Federal Agency for Civic Education has hosted some workshops with civic education experts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol and the Netherlands. This glossary was created in the course of these workshops to make conversation on the topic less confusing in the future.
  • Currently you can find 100 basic terms from the field of citizenship education that are arranged alphabetically by their German and English analogies. The glossary shall be extended by other languages on a long-term basis. Now it is up to you: Suggest new basic terms or debate the existing articles. Contribute to the development of "European Citizenship". Have fun!!!

Basic Terms of Citizenship Education

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